Daedalus VSTi v1.12 (16-preset version)  download
Extra presets: AK_Kujashi_Bank2 by Armin Kkujat  download

Monolisa VSTi v1.12 (free)  download

Work in (very slow) progress:
Please don't ask when they'll be ready because I really don't know. ;-)

Monolisa mkII VSTi

Pro-One VSTi

Graphic Design:

GUI (Graphic User Interface) for software music instruments/effects

U-he Diva NEW!

U-he Tyrell N6 v2 NEW!

Pentagon I skin Vostok revamped.
Download here (673 kB)

Other Stuff:

All my Z3ta+ skins  Download here (2 MB)

All my previous Pentagon1 skins  Download here (3 MB)
Pentagon 1 - User Manual  Download here (168 kB)

If you like my work, be it my skins or plugins and like to show your appreciation,
you are welcome to make a donation:

Making a donation for Daedalus VSTi will entitle you to a 128-preset version,
so don't forget to state what your donation is for, and please try the free version first
to make sure it works on your system (both versions are identical down to the last character).
I can only offer very limited support due to the nature of SynthEdit.  ;)

Jörgen Arvidsson